Inventory no.: 687 -

Lucknow Silver Enamelled Box


Green & Blue Enamelled Silver Box

Lucknow, North India

circa 1800

length: 7.5cm, width: 5.4cm, height: 3cm

This small eight-sided box is of thick sheet silver and is decorated on all sides in green and rich royal blue enamel with repeated poppy flower and poppy leaf motifs within narrow geometric borders. The slightly domed, tight-fitting lid is hinged and similarly decorated. The interior of the box is separated into two compartments. The box most probably was used for storing small quantities of paan or betel.

The colour combination of the enamel is characteristic of wares from Lucknow produced in the eighteen and early nineteenth centuries. Other examples of this sort of work and with motifs similar to that seen on this box can be seen in Zebrowski (1997: 81-93).

The box is in fine condition with only minor losses to the enamel work.


Zebrowski, M., Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997.

Inventory no.: 687 –