Inventory no.: 1162

Moroccan gold & silver bracelet


Gold, Silver & Enamel ‘Moon & Sun’ Bracelet

North-West Morocco

19th century

inside diameter: 6.4cm, weight: 91g

Bracelets such as this example were made in the North-West of Morocco, most probably either in Tetouan or Tangier. It comprises a silver band onto which alternating gold and silver plaques are attached. These have been chased and then filled with dark enamel. The plaques are bordered top and bottom with a beaded band of gold-copper alloy.

The use of gold and silver gives rise to the name of moon and sun (

lune et soleil) bracelet. It is a type of bracelet that is unique to Morocco, and often is worn by a bride at her wedding.

A similar bracelet is illustrated in Rabate & Goldenberg (1999, p. 23 & 53).

The example here has an excellent patina and obvious age. The condition is stable and wearable.


UK art market


Rabate, M & A. Goldenberg, Bijoux du Maroc, Edisud, 1999.

Inventory no.: 1162