Inventory no.: 899

Mughal Brass Ewer, India


Mughal Brass Ewer

Northern India

18th century

height: 27.5cm

This lidded ewer in brass is lightly chased all over with floral and leaf motifs. The body is cast with central tear-drop cartouches to either side. These are etched with floral motifs that appear to be stylised poppies. The handle terminates with a stylised lotus bud. The spout is long with a cast rib or ring midway and similarly engraved. The hinged lid terminates with a bud-like finial. The ewer stands on four flared feet.

Overall, this ewer is in fine condition and of elegant proportions.


A ewer of similar form is shown in Zebrowski, M.,

Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997, p. 165.

Inventory no.: 899


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