Inventory no.: 765

Mughal (Mogul) Brass Pandan (for Betel nut)


Engraved Brass Mughal Pandan

Northern India

circa 1800

height: 10.5cm, diameter: 16.3cm

The pandan is of circular form with a convex lid, with panelled sides incised with typically Ottoman-inspired Mughal floral motifs such as stylised tulips and irises – forms reminiscent of the motifs on Ottoman Iznik porcelain. The lid shows traces of red lac colouring.

Boxes such as these were used to hold betel (

paan) which could then be presented to guests.

This example is unusually large for this type.

A smaller pandan of similar form is in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum (inventory no. 18 57-1985).


Pandans of similar form are in Zebrowski, M., Gold, Silver & Bronze from Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997, p. 273.

Inventory no.: 765


Ottoman-inspired stylised irises.

Ottoman-inspired stylised tulips.