Inventory no.: 1262

Nonya Porcelain


Three Straits Chinese Dessert Bowls, Three Covers/Saucers & Four Spoons

China for the Straits Settlements

circa 1870

diameter of bowl: 12cm, height of bowl: 5.5cm, diameter of dish: 11.2cm, height of dish: 3.5cm, lengths of spoons: 10-14cm

This set of three white-ground dessert bowls and covers or saucers has been potted with gently gadrooned or fluted sides and decorated with sprays of the flowers of the four seasons and insects. Each of the bowls has a gilt rim. (An example of a fluted bowl is illustrated as Figure 1 in Ho, 1983, p 14. Dessert bowls and covers with similar reign marks are illustrated in Kee, 2009, p. 106.)

The bowls and saucers were acquired with four porcelain spoons (two larger and two smaller). The spoons are decorated with the more typical nonyaware motifs of phoenixes. The spoons also have gilded edging.

The bowls and saucers are each marked with a red Tongzhi (1862-1875) reign mark, although the rendering of the mark differs between the bowls and the saucers possibly because the saucers and the bowls whilst belonging to the one set were made in two different locations or kilns.

The two larger spoons are marked with the Chen Yitai Zao factory mark. The two smaller spoons carry the Kang-ju Yuan Zao mark.

Each piece is free of any significant chips or cracks. There are no repairs. The items were acquired as a set in the UK and almost certainly have been in the UK since the colonial era.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 1262