Inventory no.: 1518

Pedang Sword, Islamic Sumatra


Pedang Sword with Horn Hilt & Silver Alloy Mounts

Sumatra or Java, Indonesia

19th century

length: 67cm

This pedang sword has a finely damascened iron, slightly curved, single-edged blade. The hilt, of stylised zoomorphic form, is of carved horn. The scabbard is of rosewood with silver alloy mounts.

Swords such as this were made and worn by Islamic Malay men in the Palembang region of south Sumatra. Similar swords also are found on Java.

This example is in a fine condition consistent with its age. A small hole has been drilled through the lower section of the hilt probably to allow tassels to be suspended from the hilt in European style.


pedang sword of similar form and with a similar zoomorphic hilt which formerly belonged to the Sultan of Palembang is illustrated in Brinkgreve & Sulistianingsih, 2009, p. 151. A related example also is illustrated in Caravana (2010, p. 193.)


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Inventory no.: 1518