Inventory no.: 1071

Peranakan Silver Platter – Baba, Nonya


Chased Silver Phoenix Tray with Open-work

Peranakan Chinese, Java, Indonesia

circa 1920

length: 32.5cm, width: 19.5cm, weight: 325g

This open-work silver tray with scalloped edges and chased and engraved with a central roundel with phoenixes in flight and scrolling floral work appears to accord with the tastes of the peranakan Chinese of Java, Indonesia and most probably dates to around 1920. It sits on a low foot ring.


peranakan Chinese were the localised Chinese – those Chinese who had been on Java for several or more generations and who had become acculturated with the Javanese and other indigenous populations.

Phoenixes were long associated with weddings among the localised Chinese of Southeast Asia so perhaps this tray was commissioned for use in the elaborate and days long wedding ceremonies and celebrations that the

peranakans and babas and nonyas staged.

The silver is without shop or maker’s marks.


UK art market.

Inventory no.: 1071