Inventory no.: 3080

Peranakan Straits Chinese Silver Hairpins


Collection of 12 Silver & Silver-Gilt Hairpins

Southern China & Malaysia/Singapore

circa 1900

lengths: 6.9cm-11cm, combined weight: 107g

This collection of hairpins is in the Southern China style from around the late 19th century – but it was collected by an English collector some decades ago whilst living in Southeast Asia. It is likely that the hairpins were exported from southern China to be worn in Singapore, Malaysia and Java by local Chinese who were wearing the hairstyles of southern China at that time, or were made locally, emulating the southern Cina style.

Each of the hairpins is of solid silver. Some are also gilded (gold plated). Most are engraved or chased with typically Chinese motifs such as the flowers of the four seasons.


Chin, E., Gilding the Phoenix: The Straits Chinese and their Jewellery, The National Museum Singapore, 1991.Provenance:

private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 3080