Inventory no.: 1706

Silver Burmese Teaset


Three-Piece Silver Tea Set


circa 1920

height of teapot: 18.2cm,

length: 31cm; weight (teapot): 1,495g; weight (combined): 1,989g

This solid silver, ornate, three-piece teaset is very much a product of colonial Burma. Each piece is chased and repoussed with scenes from Burmese folklore, featuring villagers in traditional dress and weapon-wielding ogres.

The teapot is a stunning, sculptural work with an extraordinary cast figure, possibly a nat, as a handle, and an elaborate naga-like spout that is also decorated with a prominent head of an ogre. There has been no economising on silver in its production – it alone weighs almost one-and-a-half kilograms.

Both the teapot and the sugar bowl have lids with

to-aung (bull-lion) finials.

For an illustrated related set, possibly by the same craftsman or workshop, see Fraser-Lu (1989, colour plate 4.)


Fraser-Lu, S., Silverware of South-East Asia, Oxford University Press, 1989.


private UK collection

Inventory no.: 1706