Inventory no.: 3503

Silver Persian Bazuband


Engraved, Silver, Three-Part Talismanic Bazuband

Iran (Persia)

19th-early 20th century

length: 12.5cm, weight: 30g

This solid silver arm band or bazuband is of thick sheet silver and is in three elements. Originally, it was intended to be worn on the upper arm and attached to a ribbon that would be tied around the arm. Today, the loops at either far end could be attached to a chain and the item could be worn as part of a necklace,

The outer faces of each of the three elements has been engraved with Koranic talismanic script. The outer two wings are slightly curved pieces of silver sheet with scalloped edging.

The central component is a small, lozenge-shaped box with a cover kept closed by a small silver latch. Small pieces of paper with protective Koranic verses would have been kept inside.


Bala Krishnan, U.R., & M.S. Kumar, Dance of the Peacock: Jewellery Traditions of India, India Book House Ltd, 1999.


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Inventory no.: 3503


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