Inventory no.: 2980

Silver Straits Chinese Pillow Ends


Collection of Straits Chinese Pillow Ends


circa 1890

diameter of round example: 10.5cm, lengths of rectangular examples (approx.): 13.8cm, combined weights: 160g

Pillow ends or buntal plates such as these were used by the Straits or localised Chinese to decorate the ends of the bolsters used on their wedding beds, in the same fashion as the local Malays. The difference is that the Straits Chinese pillow ends are repoussed with clearly identifiable Chinese and Taoist motifs and themes. Such plates were not used in China.

Each plate is made of silver. The edges of each are perforated with tiny holes to allow the plates to be sewn onto the bolsters.


Ling Roth, H., Oriental Silverwork: Malay and Chinese, Truslove & Hanson, 1910.Provenance:

private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 2980