Inventory no.: 1261

Sinhalese Silver Dish, Sri Lanka


Larger Repoussed Silver Dish

Kandy, Sri Lanka

19th century

diameter: 20.8g, weight: 218g

This finely chased and repoussed silver shallow dish or plate demonstrates the remarkable skills of 19th century Sinhalese silversmiths who worked in and around the central cultural capital of Kandy. It is the largest example of this type of plate that we have had.

It is finely and densely worked all over with typically Ceylonese orchid and other floral and foliage motifs, around a central floral roundel. The outside border is copiously worked with further foliage and floral motifs interspersed with

nari-lata (humanoid) figures and kibihi-muna masks.


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UK art market

Inventory no.: 1261