Sri Devi Bronze


Large Sri Devi

Southern India

circa 16th century, Vijayanagar period

height: 19.4 cm

This beautiful 16th century votive sculpture of Sri Devi (also known as Lakshmi), one of the two consorts of Vishnu, stands in

tribhanga pose and holds an unopened lotus in her left hand. She is well proportioned and has full, rounded breasts. She stands on a double circular pedestal beautifully cast with lotus petal fringes, and is set on a square plinth further cast with a lotus petal fringe and geometric and floral designs. Her hair is arranged in a tiered conical karandamukuta and with a lotus disc at the back. She wears large and finely sculptured earrings, finger rings on both hands, several necklaces, foliate armbands, a fabulously detailed dhoti with a wide jewelled girdle centred with a stylised kirttimukha face, an elegant sash tied on both sides, and a prominent horizontal breastband (kuchabandha).

The image has a rich honey patina and is in excellent condition.

Puja wear adds to the piece’s mystery while allowing much of the exquisite detail to remain.

This is a sculptural masterwork of subtle and overt beauty with a presence evoking grace, power and ease. It is truly a

murti of sublime sensuality and divine feminine potency and presence.

Inventory no.: 154