Inventory no.: 2794

Sri Lankan Buddha Muchalinda


Bronze Seated Buddha beneath Naga-King Muchalinda

Sri Lanka

Kandyan Period, 18th century

height: 18cm

This image of the Buddha seated on and beneath the Naga-ling Muchalinda, has been cast in two separate pieces: the Buddha and his naga-throne, and the hooded head of Muchalinda, which can be removed and slips into a lu at the back of the primary image.

The Buddha has broad shoulders, a wide head, and wears elaborately pleated robes in keeping with the style adopted in depictions of the Buddha in Sri Lanka during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The image has a tall an dbroad flaming unisha, which rises from the top of the Buddha’s head. The curls on the head have remnants of blue colouring – most probably the curls have been coloured with Rickett’s Blue in the manner of the colouring used on Tibetan images.

The image is in fine condition and has a dark patina. There is a very small casting hole in the bas of the plinth on which the Buddha sits.


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Inventory no.: 2794