Inventory no.: 1392

Thai Silver Betel Box


Chased Silver Betel Box


circa 1920

length: 16cm, height: 5.2cm, width: 8cm, weight: 294g

This silver box with a hinged lid is chased on all sides with leaf and floral motifs that are typical of the work of local Chinese silversmiths in both Cambodia and Thailand. The local Chinese origins of this box might be suggested by the Chinese ‘cash’ motif used as a centre for the central flower on the lid.

The base is marked with several characters of Cambodian script and a silver purity mark of ‘T90%’

The box is in a fine condition. The lid fits well and tightly, there are no dents, splits ore repairs.


Naengnoi Punjabhan, Silverware in Thailand, Rerngrom Publishing, 1991.


UK art market

Inventory no.: 1392