Inventory no.: 1512

Tibetan Monk’s Cap Ewer


Silvered & Gilded Copper Monk’s Cap Ewer


early 20th century

height: 24.5cm, weight: 365g

This ewer or teapot is of beaten sheet copper which has been silvered and gilded. It stands on a flared foot, a has a globular body, and an exaggerated rim, opening and spout.

The upper and lower border of the foot, and the collar around the neck are of gilded metal decorated with flower and leaf designs. The handle and mouth rim also are gilded – providing a pleasing contrast with the silver of the remainder of the exterior.

Although utilitarian in nature, the form of the ewer has an aesthetic quality – the brim of the kettle is in the form of a monk’s cap rim.

The ewer sits solidly and is without overt dents, splits or repairs. It is highly decorative with its clean lines, and has obvious age.


UK art market.

Inventory no.: 1512