Inventory no.: 1133

Tibetan Tea Pot


Copper Teapot with Bronze & Silver Mounts


18th-19th century

height: 30cm,

length: 28.5cm, weight: 1,697g

This is a beautiful tea pot. The shape, mix of metals and most particularly the extraordinarily rich, chocolate patina make this a most attractive piece.

The bulbous body of beaten copper is overlaid with bronze or brass ribs and plaques that are in the form of stylised cloud motifs embellished with overlapping tendrils around central roundels in-filled with Himalayan Buddhistic motifs.

A wide border of double lotus petals comprises the foot, a design that is mirrored in the top of the lid and the wide, tactile handle.

The spout emerges from a plaque decorated in high relief with wish-fulfilling jewels. The end of the spout and the lid finial are encased in silver; the spout ending being engraved with Himalayan foliate patterning.

The interior has been tinned, which suggests that this item was intended for use and was not purely decorative.

Overall, this is a wonderful, hugely decorative item.


Scottish art market.

Inventory no.: 1133