Inventory no.: 863

Tibetan Teapot/Ewer with Silver & Gilt


Copper, Silver & Gilt Tea Pot


19th century

height: 23cm;

length: 23cm (approx.); weight: 1.184kg

This splendid Tibetan teapot comprises a hammered globular copper base that sits on a low, flared ring-mat foot with a short neck and domed cover connected to the base by means of a brass chain.

The top of the base is decorated with a chased silver double lotus petal border. The rim of the base and the lid both are overlaid with silver. The cover has a wide chased silver leafy outer border and is surmounted by a lotus flower and lotus bud finial.

The handle is in the form of an open-work dragon in silver gilt and the spout comprises a long snouted makara with the makara’s head also in silver gilt.

Overall, this is a very pleasing teapot of fine proportions and with an excellent patina suggesting significant age. The combination of copper, silver and silver-gilt is unusual on this type of teapot. There are no significant losses or dents. Click


to see a less elaborate example in the British Museum collection.

Inventory no.: 863