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Assam Gold & Ruby Ring

Assam, India & possibly Western Burma
late 19th century

length of bezel: 2.3cm, weight: 5.92g, ring size: US - 7.75; UK - P



UK art market

This fine, wearable solid gold ring is set principally with rubies and possibly several other red stones (stone types often were mixed in Assam). The bezel is shaped in a flaming lotus flower motif which is reminiscent of motifs in Burma and Thailand. (Gold ear plugs similarly decorated were to be found in Assam – for an illustration, see Richter, 2000, p. 76).

Assam is in India’s north-east and is almost surrounded by Burma. The culture of Assam has been significantly influenced by the Burmese and for some part of the 19th century the area was invaded and ruled by the Burmese.

The ring is in excellent condition.


Richter, A., The Jewelry of Southeast Asia, Thames & Hudson, 2000.

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