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Magnificent Batak Cast Brass, Iron & Stone Fire Starter Set (Loting)

Batak People, Lake Toba Region, North Sumatra, Indonesia
19th century

length: 51cm, weight: 1,066g



private collection, UK.

This magnificent cast brass Batak fire starter set comprises a curved iron striker mounted into a brass handle attached via a heavy brass chain to a firestone also mounted in cast brass.

It is relatively rare in that it is complete and includes the firestone. All published examples of these sets tend to have the stone missing. (For examples, see Sibeth, 1991, p. 173;  Sibeth, 2000, p. 67; and Sibeth & Carpenter, 2007, p. 274.)

The handle for the iron striker is cast on one side with a stylised buffalo head and with a talismanic singa figure on the other.

It and the mounts for the firestone are further decorated with extremely fine scroll motifs, and beaded and plaited borders.

The set is in excellent condition.


Sibeth, A., The Batak: Peoples of Island Sumatra, Thames & Hudson, 1991.

Sibeth, A., Batak: Kunst aus Sumatra, Museum fur Volkerkunde, 2000.

Sibeth, A., & B. Carpenter, Batak Sculpture, Editions Didier Millet, 2007.

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