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Bedouin Falconry Stand

Bedouin People, Oman or Saudi Arabia
mid-20th century or earlier

length: 60cm, approx. diameter of top: 12.3cm, weight: 860g

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UK art market

This unusual item is a stand that would be driven into the desert thereby providing a stand on which a hunting falcon could perch.

It is of turned wood, a chiselled brass base, and a padded top covered with goatskin leather. The padded top is not as old as the rest of the stand. Undoubtedly, these were replaced when they became soiled and tattered.

The wood has a wonderful patina. It also has areas of pecking presumably done by the falcon whilst perched on the stand. This adds to the social history value of the piece.

Traditionally, falcons were used across the Middle East to catch small prey. The falcons were trained to deliver their prey, without killing it first. In the latter half of the 20th century falconry evolved into a popular sport across the Middle East.

The stand is in fine condition.


A falconry stand in use (foreground) in Jordan, early 20th century.

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