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Bedouin Solid Silver Child’s Bangle

Bedouin People, Saudi Arabia
19th-early 20th century

outer width at widest point: 6.5cm, inner width: 4.4cm, weight: 90g



UK art market

This beautiful bracelet is of solid silver. It is heavy for its size, although its size indicates clearly that it was intended for a child. Of ‘C’ form, it is decorated with solid, heavy granulation.

The bracelet was made by sand casting (sakh). This was an unusual method because it uses more metal but the result is a heavy and three-dimensional piece. According to Colyer Ross (1978, p. 84) when it came to producing such objects, the jeweller would press a model of the item into an iron frame filled with tightly-packed, fine sand. The mould would then be divided and the model removed. The sand was then treated with a mixture of alum, salt and sugar in water to preserve the impression. The mould was then reassembled and the molten silver was then pored through an opening made for the purpose. The cast was then removed, the mould only being able to be used once.

The bracelet has a fine patina and a lovely softness that comes with age and wear. It is a fine, collector’s piece.


Colyer Ross, H., Bedouin Jewellery in Saudi Arabia, Stacey International, 1978.

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