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Burmese Ivory Buddha

circa 18th century

height: 8.3cm; height with base: 11cm



UK art market

This beautiful image of Buddha in carved from solid ivory. It has a wonderful honeyed patina. The Buddha is dressed in relatively simple monastic robes, defying his princely status. He sits cross-legged on an ornate platform, in bhumisparshamudra –his left hand rests, palm upward, on his lap, and the right hand rests on his right knee, calling the earth to witness. The figure has a pleasing, ‘boyish’ face. He has the elongated ear lobes of a prince. His robes hang heavily over his left shoulder and cascade on the platform around his knees. The styling is typically Burmese, or perhaps of the Shan States of eastern Burma.

The image sits atop a small, carved rosewood stand which itself has a superb patina. The stand and the image appear to be long associated, although the stand most probably was made in China.

Both the stand and the images are in fine condition, without any chips or fritting.


Lowry, J., Burmese Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, 1974.

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