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Enamelled Gold Jadau Pendant Set with Diamonds & Pearls

Northern India
circa 1850

heights: 5.5cm and 3.5cm (x2), combined weight: 46.12g



UK art market

This beautiful and very fine pendant set comprises one large pendant and two smaller pendants. Produced in India in the 19th century, the set can be worn on a necklace as three pendants, or the two smaller pendants can be converted easily as earrings. Sets like this were produced by Indian jewellers so that the buyer could decide how they would be worn.

Each is of gold and formed as a peacock overlaid on both sides with enamel. Each is set with diamonds and decorated with suspended diamonds from which are attached fringes of suspended pearls with emerald beads.

A suspended pears hangs via gold wire from the mouth of each peacock.

The reverse of each is decorated with bright enamel work. The main pendent especially has exceptional enamel work on its reverse.


Sharma, R.D. & M. Varadarajan, Handcrafted Indian Enamel Jewellery, Roli Books, 2004.

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