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    Northern Indian Chased Brass Hookah Base with Dark Lac

    Mughal Northern India, probably Lahore
    early 18th century

    height: 14.2cm, width: 14.5cm, weight: 1,106g



    UK art market

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    This brass hookah (huqqa) vase of spherical form is chased with sprays of stylised poppies in a Mughal style within arches formed by poplar tree-motifs. It has a baluster-form neck engraved with more flower motifs and borders of lotus petals. The ground retains traces of black lac. The base is round and was designed to sit on a textile coil.

    Several related examples are illustrated in Zebrowski (1997, p. 242).

    Hookah bases such as these were filled with water. Pipes were passed through the mouth and users were able to draw tobacco smoke through the water allowing it to be cleansed of ash.

    The vessel has good wear from age and handling but otherwise is in fine condition.


    Zebrowski, M., Gold, Silver & Bronze From Mughal India, Alexandria Press, 1997.

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