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    Indian Silver Hanuman Mace (Gada) Bracelet

    South India
    early 20th century

    internal diameter: 7cm, weight: 19g



    UK art market

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    This unusual; bracelet of silver and silver alloy is of flexible overlapping ‘C’ form. The hoop of the bracelet is plain but the terminating ends are decorated with applied silver plaques and silver finials that are actually in the form of Hanuman’s mace (gada). Hanuman, the popular Hindu warrior monkey deity of India and also a key player in the Indian epic  Mahabharata has a mace as one of his identifying attributes.

    Maces are used by wrestlers in India in their exercises and so Hanuman is traditionally worshipped by wrestlers in the Indian. It is possible, therefore, that this bracelet originally was intended to be worn by a man.

    The bracelet is in a fine stable condition. There is minor denting associated with age and wear, but its age is obvious. The reverse of the head of each mace finial has what might be a maker’s mark, or it might be a talismanic symbol.

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