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Kashmiri Painted & Lacquered Wooden Koran Stand

Kashmir, Northern India
circa 1870

width: 19cm, length: 43.5cm, weight: 716g



UK art market

This fine, wooden Koran stand is of typical, folding form. It has arched feet and the upper edges are crenulated.

The Koran stand is from India’s Kashmir region, and is  decorated with a dense array of Persian-influenced flower motifs. The interior sides are decorated in orange-red paint.

A very similar example is illustrated in von Folsach (2011, p. 112). Other wooden items similarly painted and lacquered are illustrated in Pal (2007).

The koran stand here is in fine condition. One crenulation on the end of one edge is no longer present but this is scarcely noticeable and is consistent with the age of the piece.


Folsach, K., von, Art from the World of Islam: in the David Collection, 2001.

Pal, P., The Arts of Kashmir, Asia Society, 2007.

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