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    Khmer Large Silver Amulet Pendant set with Rock Crystal

    11th-12th century

    width: 6.5cm, length: 4.6cm, depth: 6.7cm, weight: 69g



    Estate Collection of Tom White MBE, London, UK.

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    This large, ring-shaped amulet made of sheet silver with an oval rock crystal cabochon is not a large ring but a pendant to be worn suspended on a chain around the neck of a stone or bronze image, or perhaps a senior man or woman.

    The top of the main hoop of the ring is mounted with a small hoop, which rises from a leafy or floral silver plaque, and it is through this smaller hoop that a chain was thread to allow the amulet to be suspended.

    The rock crystal cabochon is of oval form and is held in place by four silver prongs, and is set in a tiered conical setting.

    Related examples are illustrated in Bunker & Latchford (2004, p. 73-74), and Bunker & Latchford (2008, p. 461-2).

    The ring is from the collection of the late Tom White MBE, a former British diplomat who served in Cambodia and Indonesia in the 1960s and 1970s.

    The amulet pendant is in a fine, stable condition. It has a patina commensurate with great age.


    Bunker, E.C. & D. Latchford, Adoration and Glory: The Golden Age of Khmer Art, Art Media Resources, 2004.

    Bunker, E.C. & D. Latchford, Khmer Gold: Gifts for the Gods, Art Media Resources, 2008

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