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    Majapahit Javanese Gold Pendant

    Central Java, Indonesia
    circa 9th century

    length: 5.9cm, width: 1.3cm, weight: 11g



    Estate Collection of Tom White MBE, a former UK diplomat who served in Southeast Asia in the 1960s & 1970s.

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    This beautiful, baluster-form, gold pendant comprises repoussed high-carat gold sheet over what is probably a lac core. The sides are lightly faceted, to present six sides and these are decorated with spiky vegetal motifs that run vertically. It has a small gold loop at the top to allow suspension. The base is enclosed with plain gold sheet.

    It dates to the latter part of Majapahit rule on Java – a time when Buddhism and Hinduism co-existed on Java, and just prior to the coming of Islam.

    Possibly, it was originally intended as an ear pendant, perhaps for a man. Such an ear pendant but with a rock crystal component, is illustrated in Polak (2022, p. 366). Possibly it served in part as a fly whisk handle.

    The item here is in a fine and stable condition. Today, it would be most suitable to be worn as a pendant from the neck.


    Polak, J., Ancient Indonesian Gold of the Central and Eastern Javanese Periods 750-1550: A Selection, C. Zwartenkot Art Books, 2022.

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