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Mughal-Style Indian Christian Cross in Enamelled Gold & set with Diamonds

Northern India
late 19th century

height: 3.2cm, width: 2.9cm, weight: 8.78g



UK art market

This pleasing cross of gold (most probably over a lac core) is finely enamelled on one side in red and cream with floral sprays, and set with flat-cut diamonds on the other. The gold sides have been enamelled with green.

A small loop at the top allows the cross to be suspended around the neck. A smaller loop at the base might have allowed another gem to be suspended from the piece.

The work is northern Indian, possibly Jaipur, and is in the Mughal style. It is an interesting cross-cultural relic – a Christian form and almost certainly commissioned by a Christian but prepared using Islamic-Mughal techniques.

The cross is in a stable and wearable condition.

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