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    Nepalese Cast Brass Raksi Flask (Thyaka)

    18th-19th century

    height: 26.1cm, width: approximately 13cm, weight: 1,108g



    private collection, UK.

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    This tall, elegant, brass vessel, known as a thyaka, is from Nepal. It has a beautiful form and a lovely colour and patina. It has a bulb-like body, sits on a ring foot, and has a long, tapering neck that opens to a wider mouth.

    The edge of the ring foot has a ‘pearled’ design and there are shoulder and neck are decorated with concentric rings and petal bands.

    Such vessels were used during Nepalese festivals and special events for storing raksi, a distilled spirit.  Most thyakas are plain and without ornamentation and so this example is more ornamented than most.

    The vessel is in excellent condition. It is  sculptural and has a very pleasing colour.


    Friedman, M.S., Nepalese Casted Vessels, Decanters & Bowls, Pilgrims Publishing, 2000.

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