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    Ottoman Silver Filigree Amulet Case with a Tugra

    Ottoman Turkey, probably Istanbul
    circa 1850

    length: 10.2cm, width: 2.1cm, weight: 43g



    private UK collection

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    This fine silver filigree amulet case is a rare Ottoman example. It is entirely composed of silver filigree and small lozenge-shaped silver plaques, along with applied silver granulation work. It has two tubular eyelets at the top to allow suspension from a cord or chain around the neck.

    It was intended to enclose small slithers of paper containing protective Koranic verses.

    The case has Ottoman assay marks guaranteeing that the silver content is at least 90%. The case itself is stamped with the tugra for Sultan Abdulmecid (r. 1839-1861) and the rim of the lid with the associated sah mark for the Abdulmecid tugra which has a tear shape enclosing the Arabic letters ‘sad’ and ‘ha’.

    Items of silver filigree with tugra assay marks are relatively rare if only because filigree is difficult to stamp with such assay marks.

    The case here is in a fine, and wearable condition. Losses to the filigree are minimal.


    Kurkman, G., Ottoman Silver Marks, Mathusalem Publications, 1996.

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