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Pair of Gold & Turquoise Mulberry-shaped Earrings

Saudi Arabia
Circa 1900

length: 7.5cm, combed weight: 25.69g



Private collection, Paris.


This pair of solid gold earrings is from Saudi Arabia. Each is set with a single turquoise cabochon, and they affix to the lobe with a screw-on mechanism.

Each has an open-work pyramidal section around a ribbed central part. They terminate with a cluster of spheres modelled after the mulberry – an ancient motif also used in jewellery in nearby Oman, Yemen and Iraq.

The use of high-carat gold with turquoise is specific to Saudi Arabia, which allows an attribution of these earrings to Saudi Arabia rather than say Oman (see for example a gold and turquoise necklace from Saudi Arabia, Leurquin, 2003, p. 165).

The pair are in a fine, wearable condition.



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