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    Pashtun Gilded-Silver Upper-Arm Ornament (Bazuband)

    Ghilzai people, Pashtun, Afghanistan
    early 20th century

    overall length (without the black cord): 22.3cm, width: 4.3cm, weight (including the cord): 67g

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    UK art market

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    This upper arm ornament or bazuband comprises nine hollow, gilded silver geometric-shaped boxes threaded onto black cord. Each box is embossed with floral motifs. The last two are inset with blue-green stones or glass and the central one has a red glass insert. Each segment has four or five eyelets to allow it to be threaded onto the cord.

    The boxes do not open but might have been intended to contain protective of talismanic Koranic scripture.

    The bazuband is from the Ghilzai people who are are Pashtuns of Afghanistan. The Ghilzais speak Pashtu.

    Related examples are illustrated in Seiwert (2009, p. 190-191).

    Each segment has good wear and obvious age. The gilding has mellowed and has a soft gold colour. The cord almost certainly is a later replacement.


    Seiwert, W.D., Jewellery from the Orient: Treasures from the Bir Collection, Arnoldsche Art Publishers, 2009.

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