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    Society Islands Shark or Fish Hook

    Society Islands, French Polynesia
    18th-19th century

    length: 6.1cm, width: 3.8cm, weight: 15g



    UK art market; UK private collection.

    – scroll down to see further images –

    This elegant hook to catch either a large fish or a small shark has been carved from a single piece of bone (possibly whale bone), with a larger and a smaller eye surrounded by notched edging.

    There is a small, crevice at the bottom-side of the hook here, which allowed the line to be better secured.

    The hook was catalogued by the previous collector as coming from the Society Islands, in French Polynesia. Hooks from this area are of this form. However, some hooks from the Maori people of New Zealand some similarities.

    The bone has a varying, creamy patina from significant age and handling.

    Fish hooks were used for both their intended purpose around Oceania, but also as jewellery, to be worn on necklaces around the neck. Elements of necklaces often were carved to look like fish hooks too. As such, the hooks themselves were fertility and prosperity symbols.

    It is a fine hook, with wonderful sculptural form, and a lovely, honeyed patina.

    (More images are below. Also, see more Oceanic art.)


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