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    Superb Pair of Wa or Akha Braided Silver Bracelets

    Akha People, Northern Thailand; Wa People, Border Area of Yunnan, China & Burma (Myanmar)
    early 20th century

    diameter: approximately 6.8 x 6cm, combined weight: 202g



    private European collection

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    This superb pair of high-grade, heavy bracelets are of thick double-braided silver wire, that is lashed at the ends with more silver wire to close them.

    They have splendid patina and are probably better and more decorative than any similar published examples.

    They are from the so-called Golden Triangle area and were worn by Akha women in northern Thailand and the and Wa (or Lawa) people in the Burma-China border area.

    They bracelets are perfectly balanced – each stands unaided on its side.

    Related examples are illustrated in Nadler (2005, p. 313), Daalder (2009, p. 257), and van Cutsem (2002, p. 249).


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