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    Thai Courtly Gold Pendant set with Diamonds

    Bangkok, Thailand
    19th century

    length: 5.6cm, width: 4cm, weight: 14g



    private collection.

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    This elegant solid-gold pendant  is richly ornamented with dozens of rose-cut diamonds. The construction is complex and based around a larger, central diamond in a raised setting. There are nine suspended dangles each set with three diamonds in a trefoil form.

    Such pendants were made in Bangkok in the 19th century and were based on court jewellery. Indeed, many such pieces would have been made for minor royals of whom there were many on account of the extraordinary polygamy of the primary court. Mid-19th century Siamese court dress for ladies was elegant but simple which was perfect for the addition of complex, gem studded brooches, necklaces and pendants.

    The Chakri Dynasty kings were very influenced by European fashions and this flowed through to dress and jewellery. The enormous prestige of the Chakri Dynasty saw these influences emulated by the rest of the upper echelons of Bangkok society.

    Similar pendants are illustrated in Richter (2000, p. 94-95).

    The pendant is in perfect condition. All stones are present, and there are no repairs. The pendant is particularly beautiful and very wearable.


    Richter, A., The Jewelry of Southeast Asia, Thames & Hudson, 2000.

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