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    Tibetan Nomad’s Necklace of Turquoise Nuggets & a Carnelian Nugget Beads

    19th century & earlier

    length: approx. 100cm, weight: 223g



    private collection, London; reputedly obtained from a Tibetan in Kathmandu in the 1960s.

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    This necklace of beautifully polished Tibetan turquoise nugget beads and a single orange-red carnelian bead most probably was worn by a nomadic Tibetan man.

    Such necklaces had a talismanic, as well as a decorative, value. They also served as a store of wealth – beads would be added as the owner felt able to afford more to add.

    Each bead has a polish and a patina suggestive of great age and wear simply from having been worn about the body.

    The colour of the turquoise suggests that it is from Tibet rather than the more blue variety that was imported from Persia and much more later, from the US.

    The beads are splendid examples.

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