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    Tibetan Tinder Pouch & Striker (Icag) with Silver Mounts, Coral & Turquoise

    19th century

    width: 13.2cm, height (without strap): 10.4cm, weight: 260g



    UK art market

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    This beautiful tinder pouch and striker comprises a pouch of leather with a steel striker.

    It is decorated with chased and engraved silver and gilded silver plaques on the front – these are extremely delicately worked – as well as a large, central turquoise cabochon in a high box setting and coral cabochons similarly mounted on each side.

    The reverse is decorated with engraved silver side plaques and nine silver studs.

    The top of the striker has large, engraved mounts and a large ring threaded with old leather straps.

    According to Borel (1994, p. 170), Himalayan men would wear an icag on their belts as a sign of prestige. It contained a flint and some tinder to start a fire. The flint was for striking against the iron striker.

    This is an excellent example, in fine condition and with very obvious age.


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