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Tinder Pouch & Striker (Icag) with Gilt & Silvered Mounts

19th century

width: 15.3cm, height (without strap): 11cm



UK art market

This beautiful tinder pouch and striker comprises a pouch of leather with a steel striker. It is decorated with pierced iron or steel mounts overlaid with silver and gold. The mounts are decorated with interlacing scrollwork.  Over this, is a silver flower plaque set with a prominent coral cabochon at its centre.

The top of the pouch has a prominent, engraved metal loop to which a hide strap is attached.

According to Borel (1994, p. 170), Himalayan men would wear an icag on their belts as a sign of prestige. It contained a flint and some tinder to start a fire. The flint was for striking against the iron striker.


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