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Fine Knobkerrie Dance Club
Southern Africa
19th century

length: 43.5cm

This very fine dance club based on a knobkerrie is from the Zulu people of southern Africa or a similar group, perhaps of Mozambique. It has an outstanding,
deep patina, consistent with a early to mid-19th century dating.

Carved from a single piece of wood, the shaft tapers outwards at the handle end and is drilled. The head is beautifully carved with multiple wavy, scalloped
flutings. Overall, the appearance of the club is that of a large matchstick.

The club is in excellent condition and is noteworthy for its excellent, lustrous patina.

Klopper, S. & K. Nel, The Art of Southeast Africa: from the Conru Collection, 5 Continents, 2002.

Provenance:  UK art market

Inventory no.: 3416

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