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Superb Cast Bronze Buddha
Shan People, Eastern Burma
17th-18th century

height: 37cm, width: 22cm, depth: 14.5cm

This superb image is of the highest quality. It shows the Buddha seated in dhyanasana on a tall, reticulated pedestal incised with wavy motifs. The right hand
is in
bhumispara mudra and the left hand is in dhyana mudra. The robes are more elaborate than usual with both shoulders covered. The hems of the robes
are finely incised with more wavy motifs. The costume also include tiered, oval shin pads - extra detail to allude to the Buddha's princely ancestry.

The face is finely rendered with a slightly smiling mouth, downcast almond-shaped eyes, arched eyebrows, and hair arranged in rows of tiny curls in relief. The
usnisha is topped by a solid-cast finial in the shape of a lotus bud. The ear lobes are elongated and those of a prince: they hang to the shoulders.

The tiered pedestal or throne is engraved with bands of wavy motifs as well as stylised orchid motifs.

This style shows influence from the Ava Kingdom, the dominant kingdom that ruled upper Burma from 1364 to 1555.

The image has a superb, brown, varying patina. Overall, this is an excellent image. It is in very fine condition with a wonderful warm patina. It is finely cast. The
Buddha has a gentle, kind face with fine features. It is also of a good size - larger than many such examples but not overwhelming.

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Burmese Buddhist Sculpture: The Johan Moger Collection, White Lotus, 1991.
Somkiart Lopetcharat,
Myanmar Buddha: The Image and its History, Siam International Books Company, 2007.

private collection, UK. The previous owner built up a collection of Buddha images mostly from old UK colonial sources, and did so over a long lifetime.

Inventory no.: 4588 SOLD

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