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Finely Chased Silver Bowl
North India
early 20th century

diameter: 11.8cm, height: 7.8cm, weight: 339g

This very fine silver bowl is either from Kutch in Indian's north, or has been inspired by Kutch work, which in turn is inspired by the Mughal tradition of the
stylised representation of poppies and other flowers, which in turn draws on the aesthetic of the Ottomans and the Persians.

It is an exceptionally well crafted piece of silver work. There are fifteen panels or ribs and each is decorated with an alternating array of stylised poppies and
foliage against a tooled background.

The bowl opens to a wide mouth with pearled silver edging. It sits on a low ring foot.

The bowl is in excellent condition and is heavy on the hand.

Dehejia, V., Delight in Design: Indian Silver for the Raj, Mapin, 2008.
Terlinden, C.,
Mughal Silver Magnificence, Antalga, 1987.

Provenance: UK art market

Inventory no.: 5095 SOLD