Inventory no.: 3269

Peranakan Silver Bangle


Three Peranakan or Straits Chinese Rope Twist Silver Bracelets

Straits Settlements, Malaysia/Singapore

19th century

outside diameter: 9.2cm, inside diameter: 7.5cm, weight: 67g

outside diameter: 7.5cm, inside diameter: 6cm, weight: 53g

outside diameter: 7cm, inside diameter: 5.9cm, weight: 36g

These three fine, solid silver bracelets are made of several strands of silver wire that have been twisted together like rope.

One is made from a pair of thick wires that have been twisted and then twisted again with a single strand to make a more complicated patter, It has multiple Chinese shop mark stamps and has also been gilded.

Ho (1984, p. 126) illustrates related examples and comments that such bracelets were popular among Straits Chinese ladies until the turn of the nineteenth century. They were also worn by Malay women.

The three are in excellent, wearable condition.


Ho, W.M., Straits Chinese Silver: A Collector’s Guide, Times International, 1984.Provenance:

UK art market

Inventory no.: 3269