Inventory no.: 3970

Yemen Silver Bead Necklace


Silver Bead & Processed Amber Bead Necklace with Silver Amulet Case

San’a, Yemen

early 20th century

length (approx): 40cm, weight: 189g

This small necklace of hollow silver beads with applied decoration, and composite amber beads includes a silver amulet box (hirz).

The amulet box has traces of gilding (gold-plating) and is decorated with silver spangles. A pair of eyelets at the base of the box would allow additional chains and tassels to be attached as required.

Some of the silver components have attached silver plaques with the maker’s or retailer’s names in Arabic.

Ransom (2014, p. 98) says of a similar necklace that such necklaces were given to women throughout the northern mountains of Yemen after they had given birth for the first time.

Siewert (2009, p. 134) illustrates a necklace attributed to 18th-19th century Yemen which incorporates similar large, hollow silver beads with related granulation work. Similar beads are also illustrated in Ransom (2014, p. 17).

The necklace is stable and wearable.


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private collection, UK.

Inventory no.: 3970


Related Yemen silver jewellery on display in the Islamic Art Museum Malaysia.

(Photographed February 2017.)