About the Gallery

We specialise in the material culture of the non-Western world – Asian, Islamic, Cross-cultural and Tribal antiques objects including items made in Asia and Africa for the European market.

Most of our carefully curated stock is sourced from old collections within the UK.

Each piece is carefully studied and researched, written up and featured on our website, with multiple images, video footage and referencing.

We produce a catalogue every two months to showcase our new stock, as it arrives. This is distributed by email to around 25,000 collectors, curators and academics worldwide.

Rarely do we accept items on consignment or sell on behalf of others. We own almost all our stock, meaning that we have been prepared to back each item with our own money.

We have an excellent reputation based on our meticulous research, experience and integrity. As mentioned, we were established in 2005 and operate from physical premises in the heart of central London, although most of our business is conducted via our website which remains one of the most extensive in the world.

The British Museum, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the National Gallery of Australia, and the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore are among our many, regular museum clients.

Our company is domiciled in the UK. All our stock is in the UK. All our bank accounts are in the UK, and we are fully subject to UK law.