Museum sales

Selling to museums around the world is an important part of our business.  Almost all our items are sourced from old colonial collections in the UK so our items have the type of provenance that museums need.

We have sold more than 200 separate objects to public museums in the US, Asia & Europe in the last five years alone.

Museums and Institutions to which we have sold include:

  • Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, Paris, France
  • Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA
  • Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA
  • Peabody Essex Museum, USA
  • Peabody Museum, Harvard University, USA
  • Cincinnati Art Museum, USA
  • Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, USA
  • British Museum, London, UK
  • The British Library, UK
  • Royal Ontario Museum, Canada
  • National Gallery Singapore
  • National Gallery of Australia
  • Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
  • King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Saudi Arabia
  • Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum – Cultures of the World, Germany
  • Art Gallery of South Australia
  • Art Gallery of Queensland, Australia
  • National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia
  • Indian Heritage Centre, Singapore
  • Malay Heritage Centre, Singapore
  • Sadberk Hanim Museum, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK
  • Horniman Museum, London, UK
  • Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Reunion, France
  • Museum Volkenkunde (Tropenmuseum), The Netherlands
  • Rietburg Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
  • The David Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia
  • Baba House, Singapore
  • Museo Oriental, Spain
  • The International Foundation of Indonesian Culture & Asian Heritage, Germany
  • Museum on the Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Peranakan Museum, Singapore
  • Johann Jacobs Museum, Zurich, Switzerland

Other institutions that now have items in their permanent collections that were handled by us include:

  • The Victoria & Albert Museum
  • The Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Museum of Fine Arts – Boston


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Good gallerists or dealers play a particularly important role in the preservation or world cultural history, particularly when it comes to discovering and researching items that hitherto have been lost or mis-classified. The London dealer in Chinese art Giuseppe Eskanazi recalls in his biography a speech given by Sherman Lee, the legendary director of the Cleveland Museum of Art, to celebrate the Museum’s 50th Anniversary in 1966:

      “The most memorable part was Sherman Lee’s speech after dinner, when he thanked the various dealers who had helped the museum acquire so many important objects. His closing words were, ‘When a curator comes back from a trip and says, ‘Look what I have found!’ I say to him, ‘Remember, a dealer found it before you.’ “

(Eskanazi, G., & H. Elias, A Dealer’s Hand: The Chinese Art World through the Eyes of Giuseppe Eskanazi, Scala, 2012, p. 58.)