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We have London’s largest selection of well-provenance, quality Asian, Islamic, Colonial and Tribal antiques.

Our gallery, where all our stock is located, is situated in the heart of central London, just off Regent Street.

We help build private collections, and we understand that our clients don’t collect objects so much as they collect stories, and in so doing, they help preserve culture and history. We also sell to many public museums and institutions – having sold around 160 separate items to around 30 museums worldwide in the last few years.

We produce each month a catalogue of items which is distributed by email to almost 10,000 clients and contacts.

Sound provenance is extremely important to us. All our stock is sourced from old UK and European collections only. We do not source items from Asia or from other original source locations.

Michael Backman

Michael Backman established the Gallery in central London. He is a widely published authority on Asian culture, art and politics. He is the author of eight books that cover all aspects of Asia – from culture to politics & business. Published by Macmillan and John Wiley & Sons, editions of his books have appeared in English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Indonesian. One, Asian Eclipse, was named by The Economist among its ‘Books of the Year’ and appeared on several bestseller lists.  He is the author of Rare Antique Asian & Colonial Decorative Arts (Paul Holberton Publishing, 2016), and is the author of a forthcoming biography of a Malaysian politician. He holds a First Class Honours Degree in Economics.

He has travelled to almost every Asian country (among many others), and prior to living in London, also lived in Jakarta, Paris, Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. A life-long collector of Asian art, he is an elected Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society.

Eddie Chin

Eddie Chin is originally from Malaysia and is fluent in Malay, Indonesian, Mandarin, Cantonese, French & English. He specialises in tribal art, and is a fully qualified chartered accountant and holds an MBA. He also looks after export and tax issues for the Gallery.

Sarah Corbett

Sarah Corbett is a renown specialist in non-European jewellery with a strong focus on the arts & cultures of Northern Africa & the Maghreb. She has authored many articles on these topics. She has lead many highly-regarded jewellery tours to Northern Africa. She also has a strong interest in social media development & marketing. She assists the Gallery in both these areas.

Michael Backman lecturing at the School of Oriental & African Studies, University College London, on the role of dealers.

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