How to buy

Most of our sales are via our website to our clients worldwide.

It is also possible to visit our central London Gallery, but by appointment. Please email or call for an appointment.


Payment is by bank transfer, or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  Wise, is another good way to pay & is increasingly popular for international payments. It tends to be faster and cheaper than using bank-to-bank transfers. We do not accept Paypal.


We ship to all countries (subject to any applicable sanctions).

We use a professional shipping agent and most items are shipped by courier.


You will receive with each item that you buy from us, a full, tax-compliant receipt on our letterhead, and a document on our letterhead with an image of the item, a full description outlining what the object is, its origins, and how it was used, along with applicable published academic references and provenance details.