How to buy

The following is based on questions our clients and would-be clients often ask about how to buy from us:

Visiting the Gallery

Our gallery is in central London, close to Oxford Circus. We are open by appointment only so please email or call before you come.


Payment can be made by bank transfer, or by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  Transferwise, now known as Wise, is another good way to pay & is increasingly popular for international payments. It tends to be faster and cheaper than using bank-to-bank transfers. We do not accept Paypal.


We ship to all countries. Indeed, most of our clients are outside the UK, particularly they are in the US, Europe, Australia, China, Singapore and Malaysia. But we have clients in many other countries too.

We use a professional shipping agent to send all items outside the UK and this company utilises DHL, Fedex and equivalent courier services for the actual shipping.


We enjoy a very good reputation and sell to private collectors and to museums and similar institutions worldwide. The British Museum, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, the National Gallery of Australia, and the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore are among the well-known institutions that have brought from us. We are not merely a website – we have well-established physical premises that are open to the public, and we comply with and are subject to UK law.


Prices for specific items can be obtained by email. All our prices are expressed in pounds sterling. We charge in pounds only. We do not charge in foreign currencies and that includes US dollars.


All items are provided with a formal invoice/receipt and a separate information page which includes an image of the item and details of the age of the item. Together, these constitute a written guarantee as to the authenticity of the item, which is enforceable under UK law. We will provide a refund if any item inadvertently does not materially match its description. Ideally, such a discrepancy should be brought to our attention within two months of the sale.


Good provenance is extremely important to avoid reproduction and augmented pieces, and illegally exported objects. The vast majority of our stock is sourced from old collections in the UK whereby the items almost certainly were acquired during the colonial era. We do not go on buying trips to Asia, Africa and so on. Nor do we buy from those who have recently acquired items from these areas.