Inventory no.: 659

659. Antique Lucknow Indian Silver Ewer or Flask


Parcel-gilt Chased Silver Ewer

Lucknow, India

circa 1870

height: 15.5cm

This small, elegant silver ewer is features the ‘coriander flower’ pattern occasionally employed in 19th century silverwork from Lucknow, combined with rococo elements. The coriander pattern is shown in a wide band, between tow bands of grapes and grape vines, on the globular body of the ewer, and on the stem.

The lid has been cast with a bunch of grapes and grave leaves; the handle with rococo styling on the upper half and with am entwined snake on the lower half. (Wilkinson (1999: 126) describes the grape pattern as the “earliest recognisable pattern employed on silver made in Lucknow…”

The collar of the ewer has been chased with a border of acanthas leaves.

Parcel gilding is evident throughout, most particularly to the arabesque flourishes interspersed across the neck and body, to the lid and to the handle.


for a ewer and a cup that employ similar motifs, see Wilkinson, W.R.T., Indian SIlver 1858-1947, 1999, p. 133-4.

Inventory no.: 659


The flowers & leaves of the coriander plant on which the motifs for this piece partly are derived.